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Second, you must get a great deal of winning experience. You must prove that you can beat smaller games before moving to larger ones The competition gets tougher as the stakes get larger. Merely winning briefly is not proof that you are ready to move up because you may just have been lucky.

Third, you should move up slowly and develop the skills you need to succeed at each level before moving further. It is very foolish to jump from low stakes such as $1–$2 to middle limits such as $10–$20, and it is suicidal to jump from low stakes to high ones such as $100–$200. Yet every large cardroom has losing middle-and high-stakes players who never consistently beat even tiny games. They offer all sorts of rationalizations for moving up:

· They find small games boring.

· They believe players in small games aren’t smart enough to respect their skill.

· They can read good players, but not bad ones, because they don’t know what they’re doing.

All those rationalizations are nonsense. If you can’t beat bad players, you can’t beat better ones.

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